Commercial and Corporate Law

In the field of Commercial and Corporate Law we particularly offer the following services:

  • Draft of standard terms and conditions as well as purchase conditions
  • Generation of economic agreements, e.g. service contracts, supply contracts and distribution contracts
  • Development of franchise-systems
  • Consultation regarding the assignment of commercial agents, e.g. contract design, right to commission, extract from principals? books and compensatory claims
  • Support in founding non-incorporated firms and incorporated companies
  • Support in reorganisation, merger and demerger of corporations
  • Draft of contracts for managing directors
  • Formulation of shareholders? resolutions
  • Support in shareholders? meetings
  • Consultation regarding problems in the relationship between shareholders and in case of a shareholder exit
  • Conduct of cases, e.g. claims for damages or shareholders disputes

Your contact persons for Commercial and Corporate Law are Dr Klaus Kreutz, Jan Ludwig and Melanie Preuß.