Tenancy and Residential Property Law

In the field of Tenancy and Residential Property Law we particularly offer the following services:

  • Consultation and support regarding commercial leases
  • Formulation and review of commercial lease agreements
  • Generation and review of amendments and support for any legal issues that arise in the course of commercial leases, e.g. obligations for maintenance and repair, incidental rental costs
  • Conduct of legal proceedings regarding any claims resulting from commercial lease agreements (e.g. termination, eviction, rent payments)
  • Draft and review of declarations of division and condominium community rules
  • Challenging of condominium resolutions
  • Draft and review of property management agreements
  • Review of sales agreements concerning residential property
  • Conduct of construction-related lawsuits regarding joint and individual property

Your contact persons for Tenancy and Residential Property Law are Sascha Buchholz and Alexa Schöning.